Keeping Brillion High School students & staff informed, at a glance.

Created by Devin Baeten

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App Features

Live Schedule

You can view the schedule each day and see it's progress in real time.


The office issues announcements to keep you updated. (Coming Soon)


Connect your account and always stay updated on your latest PRIDE assignment and request sessions with ease.1


Connect your account and get easy access your grades.2

Breakfast & Lunch Menu

Actively-updated menus are shown every day. Updated by the Food Service Dept.


My BHS is continually updated to help you in more ways as a student or staff member.


You can choose to be notified about announcements.


As a BHS student himself, Devin Baeten is building this app with the needs of BHS students in mind.

1,2 This feature requires the iOS App in order to function. Please note that this is an unofficial integration, which means that it is not officially supported nor endorsed by Edficiency/Skyward. As such, this integration is provided as-is and is subject to change or removal at any time without notice. I will do our best to keep the integration up-to-date, but please understand that I cannot guarantee its continued availability or reliability.